Honduras Death Rituals

by L-Johnson

Traditional drummers are hired to play at an enormous family event that takes place a year and one day after the death of a loved one.

In Honduras, the dead are buried with a standard catholic mass and burial. A year and one day after someone’s death, they are honored by their loved ones with a large drum party, which harkens back to the African roots of most people in the country. This festivity is held at such a later date so that the family of the dead can save money all year. Family members living across the country or abroad are given this time to gather and pool finances so the party can take place. Enormous amounts of food are prepared; the house is cleaned and decorated. Drummers are hired and family arrives from far and wide. The drumming goes on as long as the food, drink, and money hold out and can last for days. The purpose of this party is to help elevate the spirit of the deceased so spiritual evolution can take place.

An additional belief is the concept of the hejillo, a kind of mystic contagion that comes from a dead body. People who touch a body must wash as soon as possible to purify themselves.

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Honduras Death Rituals

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