How To Die In Oregon

by M-Rebeiro

How To Die In Oregon is a 2011 documentary film set in the state about the controversial Death with Dignity Act, a decree that allows terminally ill patients to end their own life with prescribed medication. The law was passed in 1994, the first of any state to pass such a law. Similar laws were later passed in Washington and Montana.

The film itself covers the background of the law as well as several of the patients who had chosen to take part in assisted suicide. It also depicted the efforts to pass similar laws in neighboring Washington. The central focus of the film was 54-year-old Cody Curtis whose thoughts, along with her family and her doctor’s, were given in a series of interviews on-camera.

The film brings up several points about the culture of death in modern society, especially the United States. No one wants to talk about death, and at the same time many believe that it’s not someone’s place to take their own life. Proponents of the law believe the opposite, that a death with dignity is a right everyone should have.

More than 500 Oregonians have used the law to end their suffering since 1994. Outside of the US it is only legal in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

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