Huangdi Mausoleum

by M-Rebeiro

Huang Di is considered the cultural hero of the Chinese society according to Chinese mythology.

The Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor is the burial site of the legendary Chinese figure located in the Huangling County. He was said to have ascended to heaven after his long life, leaving only his cap and clothes behind to be buried. The location has even a State-Protected cultural site since 1961, though the site has been destroyed and rebuilt many times despite this.

The mausoleum is surrounded by a scenic area of well over 800 acres of land primarily comprising of planted Cyprus trees. The mausoleum itself is 12 feet tall and over 150 feet around. The main hall has a sculpture of the Emperor as well as the spirit animals of Chinese astrology and inscriptions from modern Chinese leaders.

The site, even before the 770 CE construction of the mausoleum, has been a location for offerings to the Yellow Emperor as early as 442 BCE, around 2000 years after the Emperor’s estimated death. The location is still popular as a tourist destination and for local Chinese to pay respects to the great historical figure.

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