Hugh Hefner’s Death Wish

by K-Dean

After suffering a stroke in 1985, Hefner turned the running of Playboy Enterprises over to his daughter Christie from his first marriage.

Hugh Hefner the ultimate ladies’ man has plans to be buried beside his favorite blonde.

The 85-year-old magazine mogul spent $ 1 million on a final resting place right beside Playboy’s original cover girl, Marilyn Monroe. Hefner says he came in with Marilyn Monroe, and will go out with her. Hefner never actually met Marilyn Monroe. Hefner had purchased a color photograph of actress Marilyn Monroe in the nude, which had been taken before her movie star career began, and placed it in the centerfold of the magazine. The first issue quickly sold 50,000 copies, and became an instant sensation.

Hefner has an ornate vault earmarked alongside the sex symbol in the Los Angeles’ Westwood Cemetery. Hefner’s dear friends Mel Torme, Buddy Rich, and Dorothy Stratton are all buried in Westwood Cemetery. When he found out the vault next to Monroe was available he said it seemed natural that he be buried there.

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