Legislation would allow Pets and Humans at Same Crematorium

by J-Touchette

There is a whole industry that caters to pet burials and cremation. An assortment of pet-sized products are available if you are willing to spend the money.

The state of Nevada currently has a bill awaiting approval from the full Assembly and the governor’s signature that has raised some hairs. The bill will allow human crematories to also cremate animals, which used to be the purview of only certified pet cemeteries. It will also allow for pet cemeteries to operate with a minimum of 2.5 acres of land, half of what is currently required. Some people say the bill will open the doors for seedy practices; small businesses out to make a quick buck that will dump the pets’ bodies instead of cremating them. While supporters say human crematoriums are already cremating pets and even have separate ovens for them, but with no enforcement of current policies the bill should be passed so they can practice in peace.

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