Living (And Dying) Off The Grid

by L-Johnson

The Ecopod is a cross between a seedpod and an Egyptian sarcophagus that's made of recycled newspapers.

If you’re the kind of person who spends your life looking for eco-friendly alternatives, why not continue doing so into your death? The Ecopod is a unique style of coffin that was created with respect for the environment in mind. It biodegrades over time when placed in the ground, and is suitable for cremation or traditional burial. They are created by hand from used newspapers, which is converted into clay that is molded and sanded into shape. The Ecopod is extremely lightweight compared to traditional coffins, weighing in at just under forty pounds. They’re available in different colors and can even have patterns serene printed on the exterior. The inner base is covered with a natural calico mattress and can be lined with loose feathers. There is also a gold Ecopod available for the more extravagant individuals.

Also available is an Acorn Urn, manufactured from recycled paper molded into the shape of an acorn. At ten inches high, it’s fully biodegradable and comes in red, gold, or green. It is similar to the biodegradable urn created by Spanish designer Martin Azua.

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