Lose a Husband, Win $10 Million

by K-Dean

In the end, Donald Peters left a $10 million legacy.

A Connecticut man’s last trip to the corner store won his family $10 million. Donald Peters, 79, drove to a 7-Eleven near his home and purchased two lottery tickets for him and his wife. He returned home and died suddenly of a heart attack while doing yard work.

His wife Charlotte Peters was too busy grieving over the loss of her husband of 59 years, to care about the lottery tickets pinned on the fridge. The tickets stayed there for nearly two months before she finally brought them to the local grocery store. After the clerk had told her she was a winner, Peters didn’t get overly excited. She had expected it was a couple thousand dollars, but was speechless when she learned the true value of her winnings.

Peters, who drives a 1991 Chevy Cavalier joked that she always wanted a Corvette a one day.

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