Funeral Traditions in Morocco

by T-Knox

When buried, the head of the deceased points toward Mecca, the holy city in the South.

In likeness to Islamic tradition the deceased is buried within 24 hours of their death. Moroccan funerals are done in contrast with Islamic customs. The body is prepared at home by family and if needed someone of the community who regrettably has had that experience. In that regard, the deceased is is facing Mecca towards the south when buried.

In all Islamic faiths, it is said Allah can bring them back to life if they are in the direction of Mecca for Judgement Day. On that day in question is when Allah ultimately decides the fate of the soul – heaven or hell.

Once the funeral has taken place, a couple of days later family will gather for a formal get-together over food and some of the Koran is read aloud. In Moroccan culture this meal is of utmost importance because it will give good vibes of charity for the spirit to take.

Traditionally women wear white while grieving and in addition to this it is the law that they abstain from sex for the forty days after their spouse died. In ties with other Islamic groups in Africa and the Middle East the mourning period is forty days.

Nonetheless Moroccans have become accustomed to death, in large part because of the lack of medical facilities and staff in the country.

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