Mystery At Dyatlov Pass

by M-Rebeiro

Some of the clothing worn by the hikers was found to be radioactive and some were found with gray hair in place of the color they set out with. Witnesses in the region had reported bizarre orange spheres in the sky the night the hikers went missing.

The Dyatlov Pass incident was a mysterious event that resulted in the death of nine ski hikers in the Ural mountains in 1959. Despite substantial investigation of the location and the bodies of the hikers, a lack of eyewitnesses has caused there to be significant speculation about the circumstances of the several unusual deaths.

The members were on a long trek through the mountains with the eventual goal of reaching Otorten, 10 kilometers north of where they died. The route was considered the most difficult during that season, but all the hikers were experienced. They had deviated from their path and upon realizing, set up camp. They were to have reached their destination 10 days later. When no call was made, a search began.

The first set of bodies were found between a nearby pine and the campsite in poses that suggested they were trying to locate the camp. Two of the bodies were unclothed with no signs of a struggle, indicating they ripped their way out of the tent. They all seem to have died of hypothermia.

The second set of bodies, not found until May of that year, set up an entirely different picture. One had major skull damage and two had chest damage with force comparable to a car crash, with no external wounds whatsoever. One of the victims was even missing their tongue. Since the injuries had no logical explanation available, the deaths was billed as being caused by a “compelling unknown force” and the investigation was halted due to there being no indication of any party other than the victims being present at the mountains.

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