Mystic, Secret, Closed or Sealed Will

by M-Gillies

Make sure you tell someone where your last will and testament is or it may well remain a secret forever.

A closed will, or a mystic will is for those who prefer to keep the contents of their will a secret and when it is completed, signed and sealed, the testator delivers the document to a notary who then confirms the validity and signs the document.

While this is done in front of witness, the notary records on the envelope the circumstances of the transaction.

When a mystic will is created, it is done in a manner in which family and friends do not know of its existence, except for the witnesses and notary. The problem with mystic wills are the validity of their existence, which could see fraudulent attempts at gaining the inheritance of a wealthy estate.

To avoid these kinds of situations, the only state in the US which allows mystic wills is Louisiana.

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