Funeral Traditions in the Netherlands

by K-Berens

The entrance to a beautiful cemetery in Baarn in the Netherlands.

Funerals in the Netherlands are a part of a serious code of etiquette that most Dutch people value highly in their daily life. Funerals are generally considered invitation only, and the invitation will most likely only entitle you to take part in one specific part of the funeral process.

The funeral process takes place over many locations, and does not necessarily have to take place at the church. The mortician approaches the family after a loved one has passed, asking if they prefer a cremation or a burial. Generally, a burial may take place around four days after the death.

Attendees at a funeral are solemn throughout the whole event. There is an emphasis on wearing dark clothing, indicating mourning.

Medical procedures, such as autopsies, are rarely discussed in conversation. Most Dutch people are known for considering the topic of death with indifference from an early age.

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