Punch Buggy, No more Punch Backs

by J-Touchette

Volkswagen means the 'people's car' which makes it a great choice for funerals.

The image that appears in the public’s eye when a funeral car is mentioned is a classic Cadillac hearse. Before the hearse, it was a horse drawn carriage. In other cultures it’s something else entirely. In the UK, a unique option is available for funeral cars, namely, a Volkswagen fleet of vans, buses, and beetles.

Volkswagen Funerals is the only company in the UK that offers a sendoff featuring an all Volkswagen procession. Their Beetles are limousine-style stretch Beetles. The company’s owner comes from a family of funeral professionals from as far back as the 1930s, the owner and staff are all Volkswagen enthusiasts as well.

A company dedicated to giving personalized funerals, they’ve helped a number of families give their loved ones a unique sendoff. From a cyclist with the bicycle on top of the VW van/hearse with a procession of fellow cyclists, to a model aircraft lover who had the spitfire he’d built on top of his hearse. Or the handmade decorations on the VW vehicle from the friends and family of a little girl who passed away. Even a horticulturalist who was packed into her VW van with a huge assortment of floral decorations.
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