Purgatory: Heaven’s Waiting Room

by L-Johnson

Prayers from your earthly family and friends can help get you out of Purgatory and into Heaven.

According to the Roman Catholic doctrine, there are two kinds of sins: venial and mortal. Mortal sins are major and can send your soul to Hell, whereas venial sins are minor and were probably committed due to thoughtlessness rather than maliciousness. These sins are forgivable, which is where Purgatory comes in. Purgatory is a place where souls travel to before entering Heaven, where one waits as their soul is purified of these venial sins. The more of these minor sins that have built up, or the more severe the sins, the longer one is forced to wait before entering the pearly gates. It can take years before their wait time is up and the soul has been cleansed. It’s suggested that doing penance and prayer while alive on Earth will reduce the amount of time spent in purgatory. The waiting time can also be reduced if the person is prayed for after death by people they knew.

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