Reasons for Revoking a Will

by M-Gillies

The longest will was 95,940 words - four volumes long - belonging to Ms. Frederica Cook.

While your will should be reviewed and changed on a regular basis in order to keep it current, it’s important to make revisions whenever your life encounters a big change which include:

Life-changing events:

- Marriage
- Divorce
- Birth or adoption of a child
- Relocation to a new country, state or province (bearing in mind to conform to that region’s laws to avoid delays in probating a will)

Changes in financial situation or assets:

- Inheritance of a large amount of money, real estate or other assets
- Purchase or acquisition of a new home, car or other assets
- Purchase or sale of a business
- Sale or destruction of an asset that was included in your will

Changes in original beneficiaries:

- Death of a spouse or other beneficiary
- Relationship with a beneficiary takes a turn for the worse
- Desire to include new beneficiaries

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