Rue Morgue

by M-Rebeiro

Rue Morgue is a magazine for all things horror.

Rue Morgue is a Canadian magazine devoted to all things morbid. A horror culture magazine with a name straight out of the title of a poem by Edgar Allen Poe (“The Murders in the Rue Morgue”), Rue Morgue’s first issue was published in October of 1997 and has since moved on to nearly worldwide distribution in addition to nationwide distribution inside of its native Canada.

Published 11 months a year since 2005, the magazine melds the many modes of the macabre together to be the definitive deadly digest, covering everything from horror films to books and even music. The magazine’s popularity also allows it to branch out from the boorish bind of books and into the fun, frenzy of festivals and the riotous romp of Rue Morgue Radio. Recently, the foray into films has proved fruitful, with several successful submissions into the Toronto International Film Festival.

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