Sigmund Freud

by K-Berens

Sigmund and Anna Freud lived in this house at 20 Maresfield Gardens in England. Their house is now a museum dedicated to Freud's life and work.

Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis in neurology. His theories included a critical investigation of the unconscious mind, sexual drives as the main driven force in human life and dreams as hidden desires.

One of Freud’s most controversial theories dealt with a “life drive” and a “death drive”, the idea that every person has two conflicting wants and needs. These are conflicts that include surviving and not surviving, health and illness.

Freud himself was no stranger to health problems. A lifetime of smoking called for his jaw to be removed, and he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Throughout his lifetime he promoted the use of cocaine, a drug that he used recreationally and considered a stimulant. After years of pain from the cancer, he asked a friend to assist him with killing himself. In September 1939 Freud passed away from an intentional morphine overdose. He was cremated, and his remains are stored in an urn that is said to be an artifact from ancient Greece, a gift from Marie Bonaparte. His remains lie with his wife’s in the Golders Green Columbarium in England.

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