Sir Edmund Hillary

by K-Dean

Apa Sherpa from Nepal holds the record for most successful climbs of Mount Everest with 21.

Sir Edmund Hillary is most famously known for being the first known person to conquer Mount Everest. His lifetime of dedication to the Sherpa culture of Nepal and environmental awareness was backed by support in every corner of the world. Hillary passed away in 2008 from heart failure.
Hillary’s death was echoed by a wave of grief as his death was announced on the news. A state funeral was held, fronted by Queen Elizabeth as his family spoke and flags flew half-mast nation-wide. More than 700 people showed up to watch the procession travel to the church.

After his remains were cremated, they were divided – half were scattered on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf, half were placed in a monastery in Nepal. Surprisingly, Hillary did not want to have his ashes scattered on Mount Everest – in his book View From The Summit, he says that he had “been down too many [mountain crevices] for that to have much appeal”.
The tributes to Hillary’s memory are fascinating. A dedicated group of individuals formed the “Summits for Ed” group that conquers summits in New Zealand, with their first climb taking place exactly 55 years after Hillary conquered Everest. A trail named after him intertwines through many campgrounds and parks stretching 70 km. long.

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