Tarot Death Card

by K-Dean

The Death card is less about something dying then about how a person deals with endings.

The tarot death card is usually the one card out of the deck that most people dread seeing. What many people don’t know is how it represents the coming of many possible types of death, not the physical one many of us fear. The Death card is a card of change and transition. We are transformed by the death of old ways of thinking and by let go of attachments that hold us back from growing.

The death card depicts a skeleton holding a black flag with a white flower, while riding a horse. The ground is covered with dead and dying kings, bishops, and commoners. On some cards there is a sun or moon rising in the background.

Tarot readings can be divided into three sections, your past, your present and your future. Where a card lands affects what it means to you and to your overall reading. In the past position it indicates that you have gone through a wrenching change that involved loss and a helpless inability to do anything about it. In the present position, this card indicates that you are getting ready to deal with a massive change in your life. In the future position it means the death of a close friendship or previously strong relationship. When the death card is paired with certain other cards they can influence each other and have different meanings.

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