The Buried Life

by M-Rebeiro

Find out what other people have on their bucket lists.

The Buried Life is a reality documentary series on MTV that is filmed, edited and stars a group of four Canadian university students from British Columbia. The four friends are attempting to complete their very own list of “100 things to go before you die”, also known as a ‘bucket list’.

The series started out as a documentary called The Buried Life: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? after an 1852 Matthew Arnold poem The Buried Life. Basically in the original documentary the boys travelled a lot and completed items on the list which was the premise of the serial version of their documentary which was picked up by MTV. The show cuts footage of the students completing their own goals, one per episode, and also shows the group helping other people complete their own goals.

The full list of things they wish to accomplish is available online. The show has run for two full seasons so far, completing a total of 14 items off of the list.

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