The Case of the Shoes on Shore

by J-Stacknik

A hoax foot was found in 2008. Turned out it was a "skeletonized animal paw" which was put in a sock and shoe and then stuffed with dried seaweed.

If you live near the ocean you are probably used to things washing up on shore. Imagine finding a sneaker with the foot still inside. This has been happening off of British Columbia’s coastlines since 2007. There have been seven found all together and this led to a lot of speculation as to where they come from. Many thought a serial killer was at large, some thought they were human remains from a human trafficking ring from Asia, still others thought they were remnants of bodies washing up from the 2004 tsunami.

Well oceanographers have concluded that the feet detached from the body naturally. They determined that two size 11 Nike shoes found belonged to a missing man and indicated that the feet had not been removed mechanically. They actually separated through natural processes that occur in a marine environment.

With these new findings, the coroner has identified four of the feet as belonging to three individuals. The remaining three feet, which belong to one male and one female, still have not been identified. They have ruled out foul play.

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