The Chauchilla Tombs

by K-Berens

Close to Nasca the remains of pyramids, built from tens of thousands of mud bricks, are surrounded by a similarly indefinite number of graves mostly looted but the mummies remain

About 30 kilometers south of the town of Nasca in Peru, the cemetery of Chauchilla is an eerie sight. The cemetery, discovered in the 1920s, had been used for a period of anywhere between 600 and 700 years, despite it last being used in the 9th century. These underground tombs were composed of mud bricks and the bodies were wrapped in embroidered cotton clothing. A resin was put on the bodies, believing that the resin would keep bugs and decomposing bacteria away from the bodies.

The bodies were left in the sun, which allowed for their corpses to mummify naturally. Today the skulls are very well preserved, with the bones bleached white from the sun. Some of the bodies still have a full head of hair. Inside the tombs were small gifts for the deceased to bring with them to the next life, however, grave robbers have stolen many items from the tombs, even ripping apart the skeletons to find valuable items.

The graves are now a tourist attraction, with the skeletons reconstructed carefully.

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