The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis

by J-Stacknik
tombstone with name and date of birth and death with dash between

Life is short. Spend your dash wisely.

Linda Ellis, wrote the poem The Dash in an afternoon, and it changed her life forever. The poem is based on the simple idea of how we view a tombstone, an obituary or death notice. We make note of the year that the person was born and the year they died, which really say nothing, when it’s more about what’s between those dates, the dash, which represent the years of that person’s life. The poem makes you think about how you spend your dash and when your eulogy is being read, will you be proud of how you spent your dash? Ellis has been moved to tears when people tell her the significance her poem has had on them. As she herself has said “I may not be able to change the world with these words, but I have certainly been able to influence a portion of it!” The Dash has truly affected millions.

Linda Ellis has also written a new book called Live Your Dash which includes her original poem. Visit her website to find out more and to read her poem.

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