The Death of 21st Century Models

by M-Gillies

Medical studies predict that 40% of models suffer from some form of an eating disorder.

The blitz of glamor, the strobe lighting of camera flashes, the walk along the runaway with the adorning eyes of spectators; the life of a model is one shrouded behind beauty and elegance, however, it is also one stalked with premature deaths, often in the form of eating disorders, suicide and drug overdoses.

In the last two decades, 21st century models have seen a number of colleagues succumbing to an early death as the stresses of societal-viewed beauty and pressures of success and fame weigh upon them.

While the average woman is 5″4′ and weighs 140lbs, the average model is 5″11′ and weighs 117lbs, making most fashion models thinner than 98% of American women. With statistics showing that the mortality rate for anorexia is higher than any other psychological disorder, making it the number one cause of death among young women.

Because of the onset of anorexia in live models, organizers of a fashion show in Madrid in 2006 began turning away models who were deemed to be underweight by medical professionals on hand after 22-year-old Luisel Ramos suffered a heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa after stepping off the catwalk a month earlier.

However, it seems the most common death amongst these models is suicide amongst both men and women, followed by anorexia nervosa and then drug overdose.

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