The Grim Eater Finally Captured

by M-Rebeiro

The "Grim Eater" revealed to be a local artist named Reese Tong carried around a back pack filled with tupperware containers so he could eat and sneak food home from strangers' funeral luncheons.

A New Zealand man was banned from all local funerals in June 2010 after he repeatedly showed up to funerals of people he did not know to steal food. Dubbed the “grim eater” by undertakers, the man would attend up to 4 funerals a week, sometimes even putting food into tupperware containers to take home.

The culprit, Mr Langstraat, was in his 40s at the time and always dressed respectably so as not to arouse suspicion. He would sneak the food when people’s backs were turned but was nonetheless caught repeatedly. Despite this he persisted until a staff member shouted at him, subsequently distributing his photo to other homes in the region.

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