The Historic Santa Maria Magdalena Graveyard of San Juan

by P-Francone

While it is picturesque, the cemetery has been known to be a dangerous spot for muggings. It's best to visit in groups.

The Santa Maria Magdalena Graveyard is located in San Juan, and shares a wall with one of Puerto Rico’s most famous landmarks, The Fort of San Felipe del Morro. This graveyard was built right beside the ocean for symbolic reasons, to allow the souls of the deceased the chance to sail off through the sea. Construction was started in 1863, when Puerto Rico was still part of the Spanish Empire.

Many important Puerto Ricans have been laid to rest in this cemetery, including Nationalist leaders Dolores “Lolita” Lebron Sotomayor and Samuel R. Quiiones, musicians Tony Croatto, Pedro Flores, Tito Lara, Rafael Hernandez, Gilberto Monroig and Poets Salvador Brau, Jose De Diego, Gilberto Concepcion de Gracia and Pedro Albizu Campos.

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