The Jefferson Memorial

by K-Dean

Thomas Jefferson's well-known love for classical architecture drew some inspiration for the modern classical design of this memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. pays tribute to Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. The memorial is a dome-shaped rotunda, with a 19-foot bronze statue of Jefferson surrounded by columns. The interior walls are inscribed with passages from the Declaration of Independence and Jefferson’s other writings. In 1934 President Franklin Roosevelt, who was an admirer of Jefferson, asked the Commission of Fine Arts about the possibility of constructing a memorial to honor Jefferson. It was designed by John Russell Pope, and built by John McShain in 1939. The memorial was completed in 1943, and the bronze statue added in 1947. The Jefferson Memorial was officially dedicated by President Roosevelt on April 13, 1943 – the 200th anniversary of Jefferson’s birthday.

Jefferson was an icon of liberty, democracy and republicanism, and has been celebrated as the most articulate spokesman of the American Revolution. He articulated a political philosophy that has retained its power across the centuries.The monument is located in West Potomac Park, surrounded by Japanese cherry trees. The area is especially beautiful in the spring when all the flowers blossom. You can get the best view of the White House while standing at the top steps of the memorial.

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