Tony Curtis + Stetson hat + Armani scarf + iPhone = Burial Rites, Done Rite

by P-Francone

The Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas strip was the venue of choice for actor Tony Curtis’ funeral service.

Actor Tony Curtis had the kind of funeral that many people would just die for.

His friends and family said goodbye to him in Henderson, NV in September 2010, where he was buried with all of his most valued possessions. A Stetson hat, an Armani scarf, driving gloves, his iPhone and a copy of his favorite novel, ‘Anthony Adverse’. The book is actually what inspired his celebrity name (he was born as Bernard Schwartz) and helped him launch his acting career.

The funeral was followed by the burial, then a reception for 200 guests at the Luxor hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

His reception was opened with a montage of his famous film roles, including him sparring with Kirk Douglas in Sparticus and his time on the animated show The Flintstones. The crowd laughed at some parts and sobbed at others.

The service was attended by many celebrity guests, including then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, daughter and actor Jamie Lee Curtis, porn star Ron Jeremy and Vera Goulet, widow of Broadway singer Robert Goulet.

Friends and fans lined up outside Palm Mortuary & Cemetery before the funeral, with paparazzi and journalists watching the scene. His coffin was draped with an American flag, and surrounded by paintings he had done.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Curtis’ daughter from his first marriage with “Psycho” actress Janet Leigh, teared up as she spoke lovingly about her father, whom she said had always been a little ‘mashugana’ – Yiddish for crazy – but always full of life.

Tony Curtis lived a very long and full life, he is survived by his 6th wife, Jill Curtis and 6 children, including Jamie Lee Curtis.

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