Trends Indicate Baby Boomers want a more “Uplifting” Sendoff

by K-Berens

Everyone knows that the funeral industry is changing, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is changing if you’re a consumer. Oracle Poll Research proclaimed in April 2010 that 72% of funeral home directors have seen a significant increase in personalized funerals for their clients over the past five years, many funeral directors have noticed customers moving further away from the traditional, trusting funeral that everyone is used to. Funeral directors now are responsible for acting as event planners, given the task of fulfilling all of the wishes a person may have for a sendoff.

There has been a exponentially growing trend for cremations. Ultimately, a cremation is a much cheaper alternative to a full burial – a full burial can cost at least 6,000 dollars – a cremation can cost anywhere between 800 and 1,200 dollars.

Ultimately, the trends can provide one solid conclusion: today’s society, namely baby boomers, would rather celebrate a life in a lighter, more personalized way.

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