Vancouver’s only Cemetery finally Re-opens its Doors

by P-Francone

One prominent grave in the Mountain View cemetery. The graveyard contains roughly 96,000 bodies and 106,000 interred remains.

Mountain View Cemetery is the only graveyard within the city limits of Vancouver, British Columbia, and for the first time in a quarter century they are once again allowing burials.

The cemetery was established in 1887 as the second graveyard in the greater Vancouver area. Today, this cemetery occupies 106 acres and contains 92 000 grave sites and 145 000 interred remains. With the addition of a new columbaria, Mountain View now has space for another 2 000 cremated bodies. Depending on the row, spaces are going for between $2,600 and $3,800 (CAD). The cemetery also has been enabled by provincial legislation to acquire a very limited number of casket graves for resale. These graves will be auctioned off in a sealed bid process.

This cemetery is recognized by the Green Burial Council as a hybrid cemetery, meaning that they do not require remains to be embalmed or encased in specific burial containers. Mountain View Cemetery allows individual choice to guide most decisions at the cemetery.

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