We all Scream for Ice Cream

by J-Touchette

Harry Ewell owned and operated an ice cream truck for 40 years. After his funeral, friends and family were given one last treat from Harry.

Harry Ewell brought joy to the children of any neighborhood he drove through. With music playing to herald his coming, Ewell knew kids were already begging their parents for money to visit him.

Ewell was an ice cream vendor, with a true to form ice cream truck. He had been in the profession for a long time when he passed away in 2003. But he had decided his truck would have one more ride with him when he died.

At his Rockland, Massachussets funeral, Ewell’s truck led his funeral procession with the ice cream truck music playing for mourners. After the procession finished his mourners were all given free popsicles in his memory. In life and death, Ewell was a sweet man.

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