What’s Buried In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

by L-Johnson

Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world, so it seems only fitting for personalized funerals to grow here.

Personalized funerals are becoming more and more popular as traditions fade and the $10 billion dollar funeral industry seeks new revenue sources. Palm Mortuary, a Las Vegas funeral home, has been attracting mourners with their service of completely customized funerals. This includes personalized videos and music, and even creative methods of spreading the deceased’s ashes such as launching the cremated remains into space. Custom tombstones can be designed into anything that’s requested. What has been getting attention is Palm’s themed funerals. The custom-made sets include a gaming theme with giant dice and cards, and a rodeo theme with a plastic horse, bails of hay, wagon wheels and cacti. There’s also a golf theme, complete with course scenery, towering irons, and golf club bags. Garden, military, and kitchen themes are also available. The funeral backdrops rent from about $1,000 to $3,000. “Each life is unique,” Palm Vice President Ned Phillips said. “We plan the events of our lives. Why not plan this, too?”

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