Woman’s Garden Became her Husband’s Grave

by J-Mirabelli

In some places like England it is possible to bury someone in your garden provided you have a valid death certificate.

Ruth Huber Bostic took very good care of her flower garden as her home continued to deteriorate from neglect. She was often heard talking softly while working in her flower beds. She was estranged from her family, and neighbors of the elderly woman said she would get angry when people would come to her door. They found her to be just plain mean. She talked to people now and then, but usually it was to tell amazing tales of things she had done. Most neighbors felt she was making it up because of her eccentric behavior.

Her husband, David Ellis Bostic had apparently left long ago and had not been seen for at least 14 years.

Ruth died in her living room in January, 2010, but was not discovered until a month later when the mailman realized she was no longer checking her mailbox. After police started to receive inquiries about David Bostic’s Social Security checks, they discovered why she took such loving care of her garden. Underneath the well-tended garden, police found the remains of her husband. Foul play was ruled out as the autopsy revealed nothing suspicious about Mr. Bostic’s death.

No one will ever know why she didn’t contact family or why she buried her husband in the yard. The other question that may never be answered is “Did she do it alone?”

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