Word from the Heavens

by T-Knox

Chet Fitch’s prank was brilliant, comforting and hilarious.

A pleasant surprise arrived at the homes of family and friends of the late Chet Fitch. The Oregon native passed away in October 2007 but managed to send hand-written cards to his loved ones.

If for any reason the mail didn’t arrive postal services would be in a kerfuffle over where to return the mail. For the return address was Heaven.

Fitch was reported to have said that he wanted one last prank prior to his death.

God permitted Fitch to come back to Earth for the special delivery was the explanation in the cards. Written in a card, “I asked Big Guy if I could sneak back and send some cards.”

On the other hand, Finch’s barber told local media that the twosome had planned the hoax. Regardless, the mail did arrive.

The card’s front pictured the prankster himself square-dancing with his wife Jessie, predeceased in 1995.

“I’ll probably be seeing you (some sooner than you think) – wishing you a very Merry Christmas” read Fitch’s last message.

Nonetheless everyone was amused, including his daughter Tangren Alexander who thought the card was, “sweet and funny. So much like him.”

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