12-year-old Girl Makes Ultimate Sacrifice

by J-Touchette

Mumpy Sarkar tried to give life to her father and brother at the expense of her own.

Mumpy Sarkar was just a twelve-year-old girl from eastern India who wanted to help her father and brother. She killed herself in an attempt to donate her own organs to them, but was cremated before her suicide note with her wishes detailed was found. Her note was found the day after her cremation.

Her family couldn’t afford the eye transplant her father needed or the kidney transplant her brother needed, so she decided that suicide was the only option to help those she loved.

On June 27, 2011, Sarkar killed herself by drinking Thioden, a pesticide. She ran to tell her father she dreamt someone had poured poison down her throat and that her stomach ached. Her family rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead later that day.

That same day, Sarkar had told her sister of her plan and asked her to join in, but her sister just laughed it off, and left for school.

A local state council representative visited the family’s home and promised financial assistance for medical treatment for both Sarkar’s father and brother.

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