Buried Alive

by J-Touchette

Bodies in a morgue are kept between 2 degrees C (36 degrees F) and 4 degrees C (39 degrees F).

An abnormal and persistent fear of being buried alive is called taphophobia which comes from the Greek word taphos which means grave.

In modern countries it is very difficult to be buried alive, but still possible. This used to be a much more common occurrence. In the first century, a magician named Simon Magus buried himself alive on purpose, determined that a miracle would occur and save him, no such miracle took place.

Marjorie Elphinstone was buried in the seventeenth century and surprised some grave robbers trying to steal her jewelry by groaning after they had dug her up. Elphinstone then went home and outlived her husband by six years.

One man, age 24, was in a car accident with his fiancee and pronounced dead in 1993. After two days in a mortuary, his screams alerted workers and they let him out of the metal box in which his body was held. His fiancee, however, didn’t believe the story and refused to see him, saying he was a zombie come back to haunt her.

Being buried alive is still a fear for some, but don’t worry, coffins with alarms, communication devices and other safety measures have been made to ensure those buried pre-mortem will have a way out.

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