Dead Woman Discovered after Months in Foreclosed Home

by J-Mirabelli

Unfortunately, there were no nosey neighbors in this neighborhood.

Kathryn Norris Kunzweiler was a private person, unemployed, twice divorced and didn’t have any close relatives. She had been receiving disability benefits and suffered from a condition causing her to become reclusive and fearful of going outdoors. She had no regular schedule and didn’t follow a routine.

As a result, nobody noticed she was missing until the skeletal remains of the 57 year old were found in the front seat of her silver Chevy Nova in her garage almost a year after she died.

In March, 2010, deputies from her mortgage company had been called to the home by a distant relative who had been contacted about missed payments. They reported seeing no sign of a break-in and noted nothing unusual. Unable to contact Ms. Kunzweiler, the mortgage company took control of the home on April 5, and sent a contractor to take photos and do an inspection. The bank then hired a property management firm to look after the property, and monthly visits and inspections started in May. A company representative told investigators he took photos of the car, but never saw the remains.

On Nov. 18, 2010, new homeowner and investor Matthew Everly arrived at the townhouse he had purchased at a real estate auction to inspect it and change the locks. He told investigators he spent about 20 minutes inside the home before returning to the garage, where he discovered the remains.

Homicide agents said it appeared that Kunzweiler had been sleeping in her car. There was a sheet and pillow on the back seat and a partially burned candle on the center console.

Investigators found, through records, that she had not used electricity since August, 2009 and that she probably slept in her car because she suspected someone had been tampering with it and wanted to catch them in the act. The investigation concluded that there was no foul play, just a woman who became a victim of her own paranoia.

The most perplexing part of this case is that a person dies in a heavily populated neighborhood and nobody notices.

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