Devil’s Tower, New Jersey

by K-Berens

Rumor has it that after Manuel's death in 1943, the townspeople tried to have the tower demolished. However, several workers fell to their death, so ultimately, the town ceased the demolition attempt.

The Devil’s Tower is located in the small town of Alpine, New Jersey. An eerie public monument surrounded by a roundabout which leads to a wealthy subdivision, the tower has a very interesting back story.

The tower was built by a businessman named Manuel Rionda in the early 1900s. The tower was originally a gift for his wife, built tall enough for her to see across the Hudson River to New York City.

According to legend, Rionda’s wife climbed to the top while the tower was still a work in progress. At the top, Rionda’s wife witnessed Rionda with another woman – Rionda’s wife was so heartbroken that she jumped off the tower, committing suicide.

Rionda was shocked at her death. Within the next few years, strange things begun to occur around the tower, a ghost in the window was spotted, bursts of cold air were felt when people were close to the tower and the clock inside the tower would chime at the hour of her death. Rionda ceased construction on the tower.

Today, the tower still stands – but there is a sign forbidding anyone from stopping in the roundabout to look, and no one is allowed to stand close to the tower.

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