Direct Cremation

by K-Dean

Direct to cremation can save you a lot of money on funeral costs.

Death is expensive, in the United States, the average funeral costs over $6000, plus the cost for a burial plot, flowers and other expenses. For those who can’t afford expensive funerals, and don’t want to be drowning in debt, you are in luck. It is possible to lay your loved one to rest for less than $800 by choosing cremation and being creative.

Direct cremation is when the deceased is cremated right away without a visitation or church service. A brief service may be conducted at the crematorium or a memorial service after the cremation. Direct cremation involves the transport of the the body, the cremation, and a cardboard or plastic container to hold the ashes. Because the body goes straight to cremation, there is no need for embalming. Skipping this step can save several hundred dollars.

Saving money is not the only advantage to choosing direct cremation. Many people prefer cremation because they take the remains with them when they move. Many families keep the remains at home, but there is also a huge range of unique options for disposing of the remains. Cremation is also seen as environmentally friendly because no land is disturbed.

Direct cremation is simple and can be competed in just a couple of days. There is less planning and family involvement, which is nice if the surviving family members are ill, disabled or live far away.

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