Drop Dead Good Looks

by T-Knox

Actress Cate Blanchett on Botox "I look at people sort of entombing themselves and all you see is their little pin holes of terror and you think, just live your life, death is not going to be any easier just because your face can't move."

People are choosing to take their good looks to the grave with them. Beauty trends come and go, yet this one may be here to stay: facelifts and cosmetic surgery for the dead.

People are making a last request to ensure that they look good for their funeral. Funeral homes have been applying makeup and doing hair for years to make the remains presentable for the final occasion, yet people want to look better dead than they did alive. Appearance is everything for some people and perhaps it is unsettling for them to think of how they will look at their funeral.

Botox, facelifts, lip plumping, there is nothing that the dead cannot have. One funeral director remarked that he has had requests for perky breasts even. The craft of “restorative art” is reaching new heights. Morticians have become plastic surgeons for the dead. Typically the mortician has worked his or her magic to erase aging, illness or trauma. Tissue filler, stitches, wax, and super glue are no longer the norm, as botox and other cosmetic procedures are being added to a mortician’s routine for the deceased.

The new generation has grown up with plastic surgery and they don’t expect being dead to change vanity. Forget living fast and dying young to leave a good looking corpse.

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