Freeze the Day

by T-Knox

Cryopreservation is accomplished by using liquid nitrogen to freeze a body so that biochemical reactions that would lead to cell death, is effectively stopped.

Beer tents, coffin races, the polar bear plunge, there is nothing the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival isn’t cool enough for.

Story has it Colorado had its very own iceman. Yes, the iceman even has a name, Bredo Morstoel who was originally from Norway. His family decided upon his death to cryogenically freeze his body in the Colorado facility of Nederland. Their plan was to wait until future advances in technology could manage to revive the late Morstoel, and in the meantime he became the renowned “frozen dead guy.” His caretaker Bo “Iceman” Shaffer kept the man frozen, and in turn the self-proclaimed frozen dead guy’s representative.

At the time they had no idea the following and frenzy this would stir in the small town. From all around the United States and afar people come around for the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival every year. Festival goers can partake in a hearse parade, tour the site and other ice cold activities. Like a frozen salmon toss or if you’re not a fan of fish, the frozen turkey bowl.

The festival was named one of the top five winter festivals in the United States by Reader’s Digest.

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