Jazzy Farewell for George Melly

by M-Rebeiro

Most jazz funerals start with hymns but as soon as the hearse leaves and the body is buried the music becomes more upbeat.

When “Good-time” George Melly died in 2007, a conventional funeral was out of the question. The English jazz musician’s sendoff, despite being in England borrowed several traditions more commonly used at a funeral in New Orleans.

Melly’s body was held in a cardboard coffin adorned with photos, doodles and messages from friends and family. The funeral was attended by a great number of mourners including friends, family and his various mistresses. As the coffin was carried to the crematorium, a jazz band struck up classic, uplifting songs including When The Saints Go Marching In, while mourners danced along.

Melly died at the age of 80 from lung cancer in his London home. He was survived by his wife, Diana, and several children and grandchildren.

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