Leather PETA Can Endorse

by L-Johnson

No word on whether tattooed skin is an acceptable material.

They consider themselves specialists in producing exquisite and exclusive products, carefully handcrafted by experienced master craftsmen. Their products range anywhere from $14,000 to $27,000 USD. Their clientele, while small, are highly reputable and request a degree of utmost privacy. Their supply, while not easily obtainable, is of only the finest quality, and despite the secrecy of their operations, everything they do is perfectly legal.

They may be innovators in their trade; a rare breed of craftsmen; wholesalers; artisans; leaders of leather manufacturing – in fact, the name of their company sums up their speciality in two words – Human Leather.

Just like animal leather, Human Leather takes the real full thickness of raw human skin, transforms it into the finest grade of human leather, using a traditional tanning process, and crafts “the best and most beautiful products out of our unique leather.”

While not illegal, Human Leather prides themselves with selecting only the finest donated human skin, free of defects, with only the smallest grain size, to make it the smoothest and softest leather ever produced – so much so, that they have claimed to turning away potential donors because of their critical eye to only the finest skin.

Despite the practice catering to the apprehensions of social and religious taboos, human leather has been used throughout history by anatomists, tannists and medical scholars, bestowing life to their work and writings. Because Human Leather handles such a precious and difficult to acquire material, their clientele are placed on a waiting list, at any particular time, because of the high demand for their products – which range from wallets, belts and shoes, as well as the reintroduction of human leather power bracelets.

These power bracelets have seen immense popularity. After selling out in December, they have expanded their stock, offering power bracelets crafted from the skin overlying the 7 chakras of the human body.

In order to purchase products from the company, potential clients are required to contact the company using their email address, displayed on their website at humanleather.co.uk.

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