Getting High Off Embalming Fluid

by K-Dean

Because they burn more slowly than marijuana joints that are not treated, there is an increased chance of a prolonged high.

Most people know that embalming fluid is a chemical used by funeral homes to preserve the dead. Morticians drain the blood out of a dead body and fill it with the embalming substance to prevent the decaying process.

Embalming fluid today has taken on another purpose and has become popular among drug users looking for a different kind of high. Teens and young adults are buying tobacco or marijuana cigarettes that have been dipped in embalming fluid and dried out . The drug is known by many names including, “wet”, “sherm”, or “illy”. The drug causes extreme hallucinations, euphoria, feelings of invincibility, anger, forgetfulness, paranoia, a strong urge to undress, and a distaste for meat.

The drug is very dangerous and has be proven to cause extreme fits of anger and violence. In 2000, a 14-year old teenage boy from Morrisville, Philadelphia fatally stabbed his neighbor over 70 times after smoking the drug. A wet cigarette sells for $20, and can have a lasting high anywhere from 6 hours to 3 days depending on the amount smoked. The drug is marketed towards young people, it is cheap, easy to make and often comes in bags marked with cartoon characters.

The main ingredient in embalming fluid is formaldehyde, which is dangerous by itself. This carcinogen can cause nasal, brain and lung cancer, leukemia, seizures, coma and stroke. A problem police are having with this drug is that is legal. Formaldehyde can be purchased in drug stores and beauty supply stores. It’s also available in many school science labs. Several funeral homes have also reported embalming fluid thefts and are now taking steps to keep embalming fluid under lock and key.

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