Suicide Tourism

by MSO

In certain religious denominations, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, suicides are considered a serious sin, and thus many Catholics oppose the practice of assisted suicide.

American author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr once said, “Suicide is the punctuation mark at the end of many artistic careers.”

Considered a highly controversial subject in its own rite, euthanasia stands to divide many differing opinions, whether it be based on credence or moral principle, it is an ideology – a topic – an act that many cannot agree upon. And while in some parts of the world it is considered illegal to assist an individual in suicide, other parts of the world’s countries have no legal mandate advocating restrictions on euthanasia.

Welcome to suicide tourism, an act of travelling to countries which have euthanasia laws that are few or non-existent.

Because of this, countries whose euthanasia legislation is non-existent have seen an increase in the development of localized companies catering to assisted suicide, including Switzerland’s Dignitas clinic, which has assisted almost 6,000 people in suicide since 1996.

While euthanasia is more common in European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, there are two states in the United States which also have lenient laws towards euthanasia – Oregon and Washington.

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