The Second Most Popular Suicide Destination

by K-Dean

The song War On Drugs by the Barenaked Ladies was inspired by, and refers to, the Prince Edward Viaduct.

The Prince Edward Viaduct System, also known as the Bloor Viaduct is the name of the bridge in Toronto, Ontario, that connects Bloor Street East on the west side of the system, with Danforth Avenue on the east. When the viaduct was built in 1918 the issue of suicide was not a major factor in society, and it didn’t occur to anyone at the time to build preventative measures against suicide attempts. Over the years the viaduct has become a magnet for suicide, people could easily climb over the short railings and jump off. The danger is not only for the suicidal jumpers but for cars who are driving underneath and are at risk of being hit by a falling body. The viaduct comes in second place after the Golden Gate Bridge, as the most popular place to commit suicide. In 1997, the suicide rate was an average of one person jumping off every 22 days. By 2003 it is estimated that nearly 500 people have committed suicide on the viaduct. A 2010 study found that though the barrier prevented suicide attempts from the Viaduct, overall rates of suicide by jumping for the city of Toronto have not changed since its construction.

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