Voodoo Superstitions

by M-Gillies
Black cats were powerful animals in voodoo superstition.

One of the most powerful animals to use in Voodoo was the cat, particularly, a black cat.

Many superstitions have often found their roots coming from the rites, charms and rituals of Voodooism. While many have feared it as a Pagan practice, there was a time when men and women of considerable wealth and status would seek the guidance of a Mambo or Houngan priest.

Below are some of examples of superstitions held by voodooists:

* It is considered bad luck for the remainder of the week if a woman visits you first thing Monday morning;

* It is considered bad luck to borrow or lend salt;

* Sweeping trash out of the house after dark is said to sweep away all of your luck;

* Shaking a tablecloth after dark is said to be an auspicious superstition that sees a member of your family dying suddenly;

* A spider seen in the morning is a sign of grief; a spider seen at noon means joy; and a spider seen in the evening means hope;

* Amongst the Voodoo Spells, the cure-all was the most popular. It is said that it could solve all problems and can be made in a variety of ways. One known recipe was to mix jimpson weed with sulphur and honey, placed in a glass and rubbed against a black cat before being sipped slowly;

* Voodoo belief said placing a dime under a person’s tongue could determine if someone was under a spell. If the dime turns black, the person is said to be under a spell;

* To send someone away, it is said that one must write a person’s name nine times on a rotten egg and then throw it against their door at midnight;

* A love powder is a half teaspoonful of sugar, teaspoonful of peppermint and a teaspoonful of grated candied orange peel. Administering a teaspoonful of this mixture in a glass of wine would cause that person to love you forever;

* It is said that if you boil a black cat until all the meat comes off, and then divide the bones along four corners of the road, the devil will appear;

* Grave dust is used by witches to hoodoo a person. In order to counter this curse, it is said to find grave dust and wear it;

* By turning the picture of a person upside you can cause that person to suffer a headache;

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