Wicca and Death

by M-Rebeiro
the Wiccan Wheel of Life

The Wheel represents the constant movement and change of life. We are set upon the wheel at birth and continually move forward learning lessons and testing ourselves for spiritual development and enlightenment until our death when the wheel stops turning.

The Wiccan religion is a branch of neo-paganism, a duotheistic religion which focuses on a natural and magical forces. Being so far removed from other modern religions, practices surrounding death differ greatly among Wiccans.

A primary adherence of Wicca is that Wiccans in general do not fear their own mortality. Death is accepted and celebrated. While not universal, many Wiccans believe that reincarnation is the next transitional step of the soul after death. Reincarnation as a human (witch or not) or as an animal are all beliefs held by some fraction of the population.

The relationship between the living and dead is summarized by the phrase “Death is not a wall, to witches, but a veil”. This implies that there is still a lasting connection, though there is great distance between the two.

For many Wiccans, death is a freeing from the burdens of a physical body and death simply represents the turning of “The Wheel of Life”.

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