Forest Lawn Cemetery of the Stars

by K-Berens
The entrance to Forestlawn Cemetery

Inside the Great Mausoleum is the Court of Honor where individuals are inducted as “Immortals” by Forest Lawn’s Council of Regents. The mausoleum is protected by guards and is not accessible by the public.

The Forest Lawn Memorial Park is located in Glendale, California and it famously known as the final resting place of many celebrities from the entertainment industry. Forest Lawn is known for its beautifully kept graves and the art that is placed around the park. A replica of Michaelangelo’s David, a large mosaic of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and a huge statue of George Washington are examples of the art they have displayed – Renaissance art, and patriotism, are two central themes found at this cemetery. The gates at the main entrance are also considered to be the largest wrought-iron gates in the world.

Over 250 thousand people are buried at the site, and over a million people visit it every year, so it is not a small place. There are public plots of land on the site, but also private plots that only admit family or close friends. The park is heavily guarded and grave hunters and trespassers are generally shown the way out. Many of the celebrities who are buried in the park are buried in the private areas. Some of these celebrities include Michael Jackson, Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole and W.C. Fields.

By far the most intriguing part of the site is the Great Mausoleum. Completely blocked off to the public and guarded with security and cameras, this mausoleum is the final resting place of greats including Jean Harlow and Clark Gable.

Forest Lawn is actually a chain of cemeteries across Southern California, but the Glendale location is arguably the most famous of their sites.

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