Dresden Historic Graves to be Searched

by J-Touchette

The Henson Family Cemetery is located across the road from the burial ground used by the Dawn Settlement, both are being mapped by archaeologists.

In Dresden, Ontario, Canada the historic Uncle Tom’s Cabin site is about to be searched. Two historic cemeteries that belong to both the British American Institute and the Henson family call the historic site their home, and are the source of the search.

These cemeteries are dotted with graves stones and markers, but the worry is that this site, like so many other historic cemeteries, don’t have all of the graves marked or on record.

This is what attracted the archeologists from the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Heritage Trust to perform the high-tech search for the exact locations and number of graves. Ground-penetrating radar will be used to find and mark these sought-after locations.

The site’s name comes from the Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in which Uncle Tom, the main character escapes slavery. One of the founders of Dresden, Josiah Henson, was born into slavery in Maryland and escaped to Canada in 1830. His name has become synonymous with Uncle Tom’s in the area. He founded the Dawn Settlement which became home to families who escaped slavery.

Fittingly, archaeologists began work on the site just before Emancipation Day on August 1, 2011, which marked the 177th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in British Colonies.

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