Graveside Funeral Robbery

by M-Rebeiro

Exploiting grief has become big business for thieves in many countries.

After the already painful loss of a family member, mourners at a Milton, Florida cemetery had an extra dose of tragedy in early August of 2011 when a burglar broke into their cars and left with valuables. Many of the cars were unlocked, but several had their front windows broken from forced entry. Mourners for Robert Edge were no more than 50 yards away when the break-ins occurred, the robber stealing over $3,300 in valuables that included cash and credit cards. His brother and sister had flown in from out of town to give him his sendoff and in return had their cars ransacked.

These are indeed trying times, with the economy on the decline and unemployment on the rise, but one would hope that the moral fibre of the population would hold up enough to prevent such a senselessly insensitive act of robbing those who have already lost so much. One victim’s credit card was used unsuccessfully at a nearby gas station so hopefully the thief will be apprehended soon, though no follow-ups have been published at the time of writing.

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